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Hi, I’m Evelyn.

I’m a fiction writer who has turned her back on societal’s expectations of what my life should look like to focus solely on writing. Throughout my journey, I’ve encountered many characters, all of which will most likely appear in one or several of my books. But don’t worry, I’m always nice. (Most of the time).

While travelling through artist residencies across Europe and meeting so many inspiring and talented artists, I have recently decided to pivot my writing practice from a 2D one to more 3D installation pieces, but always with text threaded throughout. Some may be small (note: my February 2018 3D piece sitting on Kaffi Klara’s windowsill in Ólafsfjöđur), but others will be much larger. I intend build as many as I can, especially with my current inspiration of the ‘Loving Tree’ (name might be subject to change).